Alyssa and Brandon

It was a wedding in a field of dreams. Dawn and I met Brandon and Alyssa at a bridal show, and we fell in love with them from the start.  They had a bubbly sense to them that we love in people, and they still do!  We love meeting couples that are so in love with […]

Amanda and Cameron’s Wedding Day

  September 21, 2013 It was a lovely day for a wedding at the Christiana Creek Country Club, especially for an outdoor wedding. Not too hot.  Not too cold. Not too windy.  Just about right for a wedding day during the last days of summer.  The pergola, adorned with flowers, was nestled in the arboretum […]

Samantha and Ryan’s Wedding

Ryan Laylin and Samantha Overmyer met at the American Legion Post at a Christmas party, Samantha was the waitress for his table and thought that Ryan looked cute in, what she thought, was his police uniform. He offered to buy her a Budweiser while he was drinking a Bud Light and she commented that his […]

Photograph of Outdoor wedding

Amanda and Ian’s Wedding, A Stormy Beginning

    Dawn and I had the pleasure of photographing the outdoor wedding of Amanda and Ian, two wonderful young adults. In spite of the weather going from a humid 95 degrees with bright sun to thunderstorms that knocked out the power for the entire reception, the wedding carried on with all the family and […]

Lisa & Dave’s Wedding

  A Wedding in White and Green As the thunderclouds moved in we had a ceremony out on the putting green at Juday Creek Golf Club.  The ceremony went off without anyone getting hit by lightning, and everyone getting hit Cupid’s arrow. It all started, innocently enough (as Dave tells it) when one evening while […]