Alyssa and Brandon

The wedding in the Farmers Field
Their Field of Dreams

It was a wedding in a field of dreams.

Dawn and I met Brandon and Alyssa at a bridal show, and we fell in love with them from the start.  They had a bubbly sense to them that we love in people, and they still do!  We love meeting couples that are so in love with each other, it is so contagious.

We started their wedding journey together as we start many of our friend’s beginnings with us, by meeting with them to talk about their ideas of how they wanted to remember their wedding.  It really is all about the memories.  After the dust settles, the meals have been eaten, the cake has been cut, the dances have been danced, and the band has played the final tune, what is left; only memories and our images will make those memories last forever.  They get passed down from mother & father to the children then to grandchildren and so on.  The grandchildren will never remember what was eaten at the wedding of their grandparents, nor what the song was that was played for their first dance.  What they will remember is the expression of joy and love on their faces as they gazed into each other’s eyes during that final dance, during the cake feeding, and during the last dance of the night together.  Those are the lasting memories that we want to capture.

With such a loving couple it was not difficult to capture the true emotion of the day, of the couple, of their love.  It was a wonderful ceremony in a wondrous place; The Homestead nestled in a field of dreams… Alyssa & Brandon’s dreams.


photo of bride and father walking down the wedding isle
The Bride and her Father walking down the isle


groom and bride looking into each others eyes after the wedding
The happy Couple
bride in her dress with hair blowing in the wind
Alyssa in all her wedding day glory


groomsmen holding onto groom
A groom needs a good support group


bride with her bridesmaid
Bridesmaids with the bride on her wedding day


Groom and groomsmen leaning on farm silo at wedding
The Groom just hanging out with his groomsmen


Groom kissing his bride on their wedding day
A loving couple for sure!


bridal party walking before the wedding
The bride, bride’s mom and bridesmaids on the march


The bride with her superhero groom
My Superhero!


groomsmen showing their superhero T-Shirts
The Superheros!


The bride and groom standing outside by a wooden cross
The Cross and the Bride and Groom


Wedding Cake
The Cake and other sweets


wedding cake smashing
…The aftermath


Wedding party group shot
A good time was had by all!


groom sings at the reception
The groom serenading  his bride


bride and groomsmen singing
The next singing sensation


sunset picture with bride and groom
Mr. and Mrs. Townsley may they be happily ever after!