Lisa & Dave’s Wedding


A Wedding in White and Green

photographing the wedding of Dave and Lisa
The wedding of Dave and Lisa

As the thunderclouds moved in we had a ceremony out on the putting green at Juday Creek Golf Club.  The ceremony went off without anyone getting hit by lightning, and everyone getting hit Cupid’s arrow.

It all started, innocently enough (as Dave tells it) when one evening while sitting in his truck, he asked Lisa:  “if he went and got a ring would you merry me?”  Apprenepntly she said: “Yes” and then they went and got a ring and a few months later called us to photograph their wedding.  Don’t you just love simple, straightforward plans?  😉

The wedding weekend started with a golf outing the day before, in the rain.  We pretty much had the entire course to ourselves, as all the sane golfers (and photographers) stayed inside or at home.  Even though every hole was a “water hazard” the brave group of bridal attendees had a good time, and I managed to get a few good pictures in, when not  dodging golf balls ricochetting off trees (Bill you know who you are)!

Photographing the wedding golf outting

photographing the tree the golf ball hit
The tree that got in the way of the perfect golf shot



While driving to the wedding, all Dawn and I saw were thunderclouds, but when the ceremony started it the clouds parted and there was bright sun.  The Rain Gods must have been pleased.

(That is us in the middle of the two blobs below, right at the “A” in Granger)

The radar
This was the radar map of the storm clouds at the time of the wedding.


Lisa’s daughter Daniel looked beautiful in her watermelon flavored, I mean colored, dress.  She was only out shined by Lisa when she walked down the isle, escorted by her brother, dressed in a beautiful flowing, white wedding dress.

photographing The daughter of the bride
The daughter of the bride


photographing the bride walking down the isel
Lisa being escorted down the isle by her brother


The ceremony went off without so much as a sprinkle, but as soon as it was over, and we wanted to take some formal shots on the beautiful Juday Creek golf course, the thunderclouds returned and it started to rain.  We all ran inside and started the party a little early.  I don’t think anyone really minded, but Dawn and I so wanted to take a few shots over by the pond under the weeping willow tree!  Sniff.

The rain also put a damper on the planned fireworks display, but the reception had plenty of sparks, and a few Ooo and Ahhs of its own.  Before too long, the only concern was what was happening inside.

Photographing the wedding makeup and hair
The day started with the girls getting their hair and makeup done at Salon Ubon.



photographing the wedding Flowers
Polly McCarthy took much care and delight in hand crafting such wonderful arrangements.



photographing the wedding rigns
Exchanging the rings and kissing the bride, the moments in time at a wedding.



photographing the wedding ceremony
The wedding on the green was simply marvelous.



photographing the wedding party
I always love the “Grand Entrances” that the bridal party makes.



photographing the wedding
What little time we had before the rain came, we managed to get some great formal shots of the happy bridal party.



photographing the wedding cake
Julie Geopfrich made a gorgeous cake, too bad we had to cut it up into little pieces. Mmm good!



photographing the brides Garter and Bouquet at the wedding
I think the most fun at a wedding is the garter and bouquet toss, you never know what might happen!



photographing the wedding dances
To dance the night away, let the fun begin and may it never end!



photographing the wedding marriage license
Once you sign the papers, it “counts.” So you mean we didn’t need the ceremony? Where is the fun in that?



photographing the wedding guests
The wedding guests



photographing the wedding couples
What truly makes a wedding special is the love and happiness shared by your friends and family.




Congratulations Dave and Lisa,

may you live happily ever after!


Michael & Dawn


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