Amanda and Cameron’s Wedding Day


September 21, 2013

It was a lovely day for a wedding at the Christiana Creek Country Club, especially for an outdoor wedding. Not too hot.  Not too cold. Not too windy.  Just about right for a wedding day during the last days of summer.  The pergola, adorned with flowers, was nestled in the arboretum just out side of the clubhouse.  Rows of white chairs lined both sides of a rose petal covered grass aisle. The grooms little cousins led the bridal party’s procession to the alter where the groom and minister were eagerly awaiting the entrance of the bride.

The ceremony went smoothly, except for one stray golf ball that signaled its passage through the nearby trees with the sound of leaves being hit.  Thankfully the golfer that had hit the wayward ball was not too bad a shot as the ball landed between the seated guests and the 18th hole.  Although Michael did do a little “duck and cover” as he heard the flight of the ball through the trees.

After the ceremony the bridal party gathered for some formal poses on the fairway of the number one tee.  We were just about finished with that set of posses when a group of golfers let us know they were ready to tee off with a loud whistle.  We looked around, saw them, and quickly left the fairway, they did not look like they could hit the ball very straight.

After leaving the fairway, we all walked over to our awaiting golf carts, that the country club had arranged for us, climbed in and set off for the middle of the course for some more scenic pictures.  We love photographing at country club golf courses, minus the occasional stray golf ball and the occasional territorial Canadian goose.  The ground keeping is always top notch and there are always beautiful locations and backdrops for our photographs to be found.  The wedding party enjoyed traveling through the course but I think some had a little too much fun driving the golf carts as we heard a lot of laughing and screeching tires behind us as we were leading the caravan of bridal carts.  Michael and scouted out the course the week before to find the best locations so that we could make the best use of the limited time that we had before the bridal party needed to make their grand entrance into the reception.

After the formal photographs out on the course were completed, we headed back to the country club’s banquet hall.  Michael and I set up our lights and took our positions for the bridal parties entrance.  The awaiting crowed of invited guests applauded each pair of the bridal party.  And when Amanda and Cameron made their grand entrance, the guests not only applauded but they cheered as well.

After the maid of honor and best man’s toasts and diner were finished the celebration began with the garter and bouquet tosses.  It always amazes me how the two people that happen to catch the garter and bouquet just always seem to be boyfriend and girlfriend. Just their luck I suppose (wink).  The DJ played on into the night as everyone danced the night away.  We took our cue to gather out equipment, and get ready to leave when the DJ announced the “last dance.”  We said our goodbyes to the bride and groom, and a few other guests and loaded up our little red, folding wagon and headed for our car.

The wedding of Amanda and Cameron was a lovely one, at a lovely location.  May God bless them with their marriage and thier life together.

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