Jesse and Emily Morris’s White Wedding



Jesse Morris has been apart of Dawn and my life for quite some time.  We first met Jesse at an ice rink when I was coaching his older brother Jimmy.  At that time he was a small boy running around the rink getting into absolutely no trouble at all.  We got to know the entire family as the years went on, and when Jesse got to high school I coached him in hockey as well.  It was during an away game that I encountered his crying father approaching me as I stood outside the locker room.  The news that he told me stays with me to this day.  I went into the locker room, as one of the other coaches was giving the pre game pep talk, walked over to Jessie and led him to the door.  I told him to be strong and that his dad had something to tell him.  I remember the next moments incredibly vividly, as his father told him that his mother had passed away in a car accident while taking his sister, Jourdan, back home for a school dance.  Dawn and I knew and worked with Mary and were very fond of her, and because of her got to know her three children and became fond of them.  We still are, and that was why we were so happy and honored when Jessie and his Emily asked us to photograph their wedding.  It is so nice to see Mary’s children grow up to be such good people.  Jesse has been strong.

The wedding was held at the appropriately named, but no relation, Morris Chapel in Niles, MI.  The chapel is a lovely little all white steepled church nestled in the middle of a wooden forrest on the sharp bend in the road.  It was the perfect location for a wedding, for Jesse and Emily’s wedding.  This little chapel was built by a father specifically for the wedding of a his daughter and it is a lovely facility.  There are two lovely rooms in the basement for the bride and groom to get ready in. There is also a cute little school house next to the church and it too is all white.  Jesse’s Uncle Mike conducted the service, traveling up north from Arizona. A personal touch that we think was great.

The reception was held back in South Bend, at Saint Hedwig’s hall and was all decorated with white sheer fabric in front of white Christmas tree lights.  And Emily had stenciled special sentiments on the walls of the hall, making it just that much more intimate.  To make the evening even more personal, the DJ was also a family friend and Cyril Oake played all of the favorites of the newly wedded couple.  In true Morris family tradition, the food was plentiful and delicious, served family style at each table.

The celebration went on into the evening, and the dancing seemed to never stop.  Dawn and I left as Jesse and Emily were dancing the night away.  We hope that their life together is long a wonderful and they never stop dancing the night away in each other’s arms.

Stay strong Jessie and Emily we love you both.

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