Amanda and Cameron’s Wedding Day

  September 21, 2013 It was a lovely day for a wedding at the Christiana Creek Country Club, especially for an outdoor wedding. Not too hot.  Not too cold. Not too windy.  Just about right for a wedding day during the last days of summer.  The pergola, adorned with flowers, was nestled in the arboretum […]

Film vs. Digital — Which is better?

We used to say that there are two types of photographers out there; those that shoot Canon and those that shoot Nikon. Well that is changing as other camera manufacturers such as Sony and Olympus are entering the market with equally capable products. Therefore, that debate will continue. Another debate that will also continue is […]

Which is better Film or Digital?

20 Questions to Ask Wedding Venues

Here is our list of Frequently Asked Questions – please feel free to take this list with you to wedding venues you might be considering. —Form your wedding photography friends at: Michael & Dawn Wedding Photography 1. How soon (in advance) can/should I book my wedding reception venue? 2. Am I able to tentatively hold a […]

Samantha and Ryan’s Wedding

Ryan Laylin and Samantha Overmyer met at the American Legion Post at a Christmas party, Samantha was the waitress for his table and thought that Ryan looked cute in, what she thought, was his police uniform. He offered to buy her a Budweiser while he was drinking a Bud Light and she commented that his […]

Photograph of Outdoor wedding

Kathryn and Gabe’s Engagement

  Dawn and I always like getting to know our brides and grooms.  One of the ways in which we like to get to know them is by doing an engagement photo session with them.  Here are some that we selected from the many good ones of Kathryn & Gabe’s Engagement session.  Even though it […]

In Memoriam of Patrick Simeri

As a wedding photographer we capture the first images of a story. However sometimes we capture the end of someone’s story as well. Being a wedding photographer is a fulfilling and happy job. We get hired to capture the images of the union of two people in love and the celebration of that union. It […]

Bridal Show at Callahan’s Catering

Dawn and I just got back from the Callahan’s Catering Food Tasting and Vendor Showcase.  It is an event open to all brides who are looking to book their catering services and also to showcase the St. Andrews reception hall.  It was also a way for us wedding vendors to meet and great the brides. Dawn and I had […]

Amanda and Ian’s Wedding, A Stormy Beginning

    Dawn and I had the pleasure of photographing the outdoor wedding of Amanda and Ian, two wonderful young adults. In spite of the weather going from a humid 95 degrees with bright sun to thunderstorms that knocked out the power for the entire reception, the wedding carried on with all the family and […]

Ben And Allison

  We have known Ben since he was a kid, his father is the brother of our good friend Joe.  When his sister Merrie got married Dawn and I were asked to videotape her wedding, which we gladly did.  When it was Ben’s turn to get married his parents asked Dawn and I to photograph, […]

Lisa & Dave’s Wedding

  A Wedding in White and Green As the thunderclouds moved in we had a ceremony out on the putting green at Juday Creek Golf Club.  The ceremony went off without anyone getting hit by lightning, and everyone getting hit Cupid’s arrow. It all started, innocently enough (as Dave tells it) when one evening while […]