Emily and Brandon’s Wedding Day

We had all four seasons for Emily and Brandon’s wedding.  The day started off well enough but during our picture time everything went to heck and a handbasket!  In that period of time we had rain and wind, then sleet and snow, then through it all there would be moments of blinding sun!  Michael and I were constantly changing our exposure and strobe settings to try to keep up with it all.

Some photographers might have just capitulated and put their camera on Auto and just let it do all the work, but that would not have worked in this scenario since when the sun wasn’t bliding us it was completely gone, so we had to use strobe, then it would pop back out.  It was a good thing that Michael and I know how to use our equipment in almost any situation, but even with that it sure was testing us!

Did I mention the cold?  We give the girls in the wedding party, especially Emily, all the credit in the world for as cold as it was that day, none of them complained at all.  When we even suggested about stopping early, they all said no!










This was one of the moments in time that the sun cam blasting out behind the storm clouds, like the ones you see in the background. We had just set everything up for strobe and then this gorgeous light came through the clouds.  I was trailing Michael and the bride and groom, bringing the rest of the wedding party and Michael wasted no time getting them set up and taking advantage of that lovely light!


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