Jenny and Aaron’s Engagement

Jenny and Aaron a loving and fun couple

It was a brisk and windy late November day, but even after a hectic morning for our couple, they warmed up the day with their tenderness for each other.  They new exactly where they wanted their pictures taken, it was the site where they had their first date; down by the river were there was a lovely gazebo and rock garden.

Engagement picture of Jenny and Aaron embracing
Jenny and Arron such a lovely couple


engagement picture by rocky stairs
Jenny gazes up at Arron with such a lovely expression


engagement picture of girl's arms around the boy's shoulders
Nothing better then a warm embrace on a cold morning.


Couple on stone stairs for their engagement picture
The stone garden was a wonderful setting as it was a good contrast against their warm tender love.


a kiss on the nose during engagement picture
Just a little kiss on the nose by Aaron brings out a little giggle from Jenny


engagement picture on a stone staircase
Their smiles say it all.


engagement picture under the gazebo
This is “their” gazebo, it is their special place down by the river.


a kiss during the engagement under the gazebo
Just a little kiss under the gazebo.


engagement picture under the gazebo
We are not sure what was said, but Jenny sure does have a contagious laugh, we were all laughing after that!


engagement picture with laughter and an embrace under the gazebo
More, and more laughter


picture of and engagement kiss under the gazebo
Aron and Jenny just kept kissing, even when we didn’t ask them to kiss!


picture of and engagement session under the gazebo
How it all started, Jenny and Aaron sitting under the gazebo.


picture of and engagement photo session
The giggles and good times continued, we loved how these two loved to laugh with each other!


picture of and engagement kiss sitting on a rock bench
A kiss and a smile


picture of and engagement session on a bridge
A loving embrace on the bridge that Jenny and Aaron would walk across to the gazebo.

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