Abby and Noe’s Wedding

We had the pleasure of being the honored guests at one of our favorite models and one of our favorite photographers wedding ceremony and then doubly honored by photographing their formal wedding images.  We are certainly blessed with their friendship and the fact that they could have had anyone photograph their wedding and they still selected Michael and I.

We photographed these two at Wellfield Botanic Gardens in Elkhart, IN.  It is a lovely place that keeps on getting better as they add new areas walk around and be photographed in.


picture of Bride and Groom in garden
Abby and Noe such a lovely couple!




picture of bride and groom standing next to each other
Lovely couple


picture of bride and groom with pink flower bouquet
Abby and such a lovely bouquet to go along with her lovely smile.


picture of groom looking at bride
Noe looking at Abby with those loving eyes


picture of groom and bride in front of little brick building
We have always loved that little building


picture of brides veil blowing in the wind while standing on bridge
This is hands down our favorite image from the photo session, LOVE that veil!


picture of bride with grinning look on her face
Oh, that look!


picture of laughing bride and groom
Love the smiles, these two are in such love!


picture of groom and bride with bridge in background
Noe and Abby, what a wonderful image of a lovely couple


picture of wedding couple with pond and bridge in background
We do love this location, it has all the elements you could ask for, especially a lovely bride and groom


picture of groom walking with bride in garden
The love in their expressions as they walk tells it all


picture of bride sitting on bench with groom standing
These two make even a park bench look good!


picture of bride and her veil
Abby in all of her beauty, again love that long veil


picture of bride with long veil
Such a lovely dress from Elegant Designs of Elkhart


picture of bride with pink bouquet
Abby with her flowers


picture of makeup on bride
Such lovely eyes on Abby


picture of groom with bride smiling at him
Abby and Noe and smiles for miles


picture of groom with bride over his shoulder
Noe looking stoic and Abby looking gorgeous!


picture of bride and groom with flowers
The lovely couple



groom and bride walking holding hands
Hand in hand forever and ever