Alex and Alex’s Wedding and Train Ride

It wasn’t hard for us to forget the bride’s or Groom’s name or get them mixed up since they were both named Alex!  Alex–the Groom–asked his photography friend in Ohio who they would recommend to photograph his wedding and the only name that he was given was ours (it is so nice when our industry pears recommend us, it really says we are dong something right).

Alex–the Bride–along with her bridesmaids stayed and got ready at a lovely bed and breakfast in Bellevue, OH called The Victorian Tudor Inn.  We all fell in love with the old home especially the four poster bed!

It is a nice coincidence that across the street from our studio is a train museum because they wanted their wedding pictures taken at their local train museum;  the Mad River & NKP Railroad Museum.




picture of The Victorian Tudor bead and breakfast
The Victorian Tudor bead and breakfast
























































































The fun of giving the wedding party bubble guns!