20 Questions to Ask Wedding Venues

Here is our list of Frequently Asked Questions – please feel free to take this list with you to wedding venues you might be considering.
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1. How soon (in advance) can/should I book my wedding reception venue?

2. Am I able to tentatively hold a date while I am researching wedding venues?

3. Who does the catering for your reception venue? Are they exclusive?

4. How is the price of catering determined?

5. What bar service do you provide?

6. What does the rental fee include?

7. Are there additional fees that will come up throughout the course of my wedding event planning?

8. Who determines my floor plan for the wedding and sets it up?

9. Are there any guest minimums or dollar amount minimums for wedding receptions?

10. How many hours is the wedding venue rental?

11. Can my ceremony be held in the same place as the wedding reception?

12. Is there somewhere for my wedding party to get ready?

13. What are your policies on decorations?

14. What will we do if there is bad weather?

15. Is there parking for my guests?

16. Who will be my main contact point?

17. Can you recommend local resources like hotels, vendors, restaurants, etc.?

18. What are your policies on music?

19. What is the process for officially booking a date at the wedding venue?

20. Do you have an on-site coordinator to handle anything that comes up on the day of the wedding?

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