Kathryn and Gabe’s Engagement

Photograph of engagement couple by bridge
Kathryn and Gabe make such a great couple


Dawn and I always like getting to know our brides and grooms.  One of the ways in which we like to get to know them is by doing an engagement photo session with them.  Here are some that we selected from the many good ones of Kathryn & Gabe’s Engagement session.  Even though it was a cold and windy day, they never complained or showed any sign of not having great fun!  Hey, who doesn’t have fun with me and Dawn?!  😉


Photograph of engagement couple by bridge
We did not have to tell these two to kiss, we had to tell them to stop! 😉


Photograph of engagement couple by water Photograph of engaged couple on rocks Photograph of engagement


Photograph of engagement couple with dog
Their happy dog just had to join the loving couple


Photograph of engagement couple

Photograph of engagement couple

Photograph of engagement by door
This lovely door is a great backdrop to our loving couple.
Photograph of wedding couple's engagement
We just love how the Sun highlights Kathryn's hair


Photograph of engagement session
We love laughter, and Gabe and Kathryn love to laugh


Photograph on rocks of engagement couple Photograph of cute engagement couple by bridge


Photograph soon to be wedding couple
We can't wait until the wedding, they are so darn cute!


Photograph of engagement by water
We liked this setting next to the water's edge and of course the big chair.



Wedding Photograph of engagement couple
This was our favorite image from the session


Michael and I can’t wait until the wedding, so we can take more pictures of Kathryn and Gabe!  We are so looking forward to seeing them again and being around them both.  They really are such a loving and happy couple.


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