Sami & CJ’s Engagement In the Sun…Flowers

Michael and I have known CJ and Sami for a long time.  Michael coached CJ’s brother in hockey in high school and then CJ in AAA Hockey. Over the years we both have gotten to know the families as well as the kids Michael has coached.

When we heard that CJ and Sami were engaged and wanted us to photograph their wedding Michael and I were ecstatic, we love watching “our kids” grow up and go through life.  We have a special attachment to these two “kids.”

Sami had a fun request, she wanted to have their engagement photos done in a sunflower field.  There are not a lot of sunflower fields in Northern Indiana, but after a little journey we did find and arrived at one.  [Inside joke; someone learned that you need to enter the complete address into Google Maps, otherwise you might find yourself in a different town then the one you really wanted to be in.]

We photographed them in both natural light as well as flash, and Michel even brought out the drone for some flyovers!  The setting sun provided gorgeous light for us that evening.


picture of engaged couple sitting on blanket by sunflower field
Sami and CJ sitting embraced by the sunflowers, don’t they make a lovely couple together!


picture of couple holding each other in a sunflower field
CJ and Sami in a loving embrace in the middle of a sunflower field with the warm glow of the setting sun shinning down upon them.


Picture of engaged couple holding sing with their letter on it.
I think this makes a good family crest for Sami and CJ.


picture of engagement session in the sunflowers.
I just love this image of these tow lovebirds, it is so warm and and happy, love their expressions!


photograph of two people in sunflower filed getting engaged
I just love how CJ looks in this image standing next to his lovely Sami.


Image of couple holding ampersand sign in the middle of a sunflower field
Sami and CJ makes a great couple!





photograph of an engagement ring on a sunflower
True love can be found in the middle of a sunflower field, if you look for it.










See their Engagement Video HERE.




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