Sarah and Emily’s Lake Side Wedding

We first met Sarah and Emily at their Prom, and we are so very happy that they went so that we could meet them and be part of their special day three years later!  Their love and affection for each other can be clearly seen in how they look at each other.

Their beach wedding was a lovely ceremony by the lake, Lake Michigan that is.  The day was a bright and sunny day and the waves were breaking on the shore just right for the waterside ceremony.



picture of a wedding dress hanging


picture of white wedding dress on hanger





picture of the mother of the bride helping her daughter
mom helping the bride get ready


picture of mother helping daughter get dressed for wedding


picture of bridal shoes


picture of wedding rings for two brides on black


picture of brides bouquet on the beach by the water
Flowers on the beach


picture of bride and bride first look
Emily awaiting the first look with Sarah


picture of bride seeing bride during the first look
Emily and the first look with Sarah


picture of two brides embracing in the sea grass by the shore
Emily and Sarah with a loving embrace before their wedding ceremony


picture of beach side wedding
The venue is all set and ready to go


picture of little girl and boy walking down sandy isle
The flower girl and little ring bearer walking down the isle


picture of bride and bride and the preacher
Emily and Sarah saying their vows


picture of unity sand
The unity sand pouring














Our lovely brides at their beach wedding.